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  • Sweet sorghum is rich in stalk sucrose & sugars which resemble exactly sugarcane for its juicy stalk as has an advantage over sugarcane for alcohol production. The sugarcane stalks has a great potential to produce alcohol.
  • Four different sorghum genotypes, white normal, white waxy, white heterowaxy and brown normal were used as brewing adjuncts. The white sorghum showed the highest fermentable carbohydrate content.
  • In comparison with sugarcane as the sugarcane molasses rates have become highly sensitive varying from Rs.3000 per tons to Rs. 7000 per tons. Ultimately resulting in a instability in the price of alcohol. This condition make sweet sorghum to ethanol not only competitive with the sugarcane route, but also can act as a supplementary.
  • The average content of convertible starch and sugar in some typical grains are: barley, 50%; maize (indian corn), 66%; oats, 50%; rye, 59%; sorghum seed, 67%; and wheat, 65%. Alcohol yield per ton is dependent on how completely the starches are converted to fermentable sugar, but should be between 70-100 gallons.
  • In China, sorghum is the most important ingredient for the production of distilled beverages, such as maotai and kaoliang.
  • African sorghum beer is a brownish-pink beverage with a fruity, sour taste. Its alcohol content can vary between 1% and 8%. African sorghum beer is high in protein, which contributes to foam stability, giving it a milk-like head.
  • Experts in the opinion that the average cost of ethanol production from sweet sorghum is around Rs. 13.25 per liter which makes it a most feasible raw material for production of ethanol in an entire year as minimum two crops could be taken in one year.
  • India is the second largest producer of sorghum in the world
  • Worldwide the brewing industry is becoming more competitive and constantly looking for ways to improve beer quality and reduce manufacturing costs. Sweet sorghum is a new potential substitute for barley which can be used as an alternate substrate and also raise economic benefits.
  • Sweet sorghum alcohol production was estimated to generate 70 kWh of electricity per ton of bagasse, based on the
    electricity production from sugarcane bagasse.

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