Alpha Olefin Sulfonate

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  • One of the active ingredient used in detergents which is produced from Sulphonation of alpha olefin.
  • AOS is an effective emulsifier and has excellent foaming and detergency characteristics.
  • Superior products to conventional detergent active with regard to cold water solubility, foaming and detergency in hard water. Because it is suitable for skin care cosmetic products mostly preferred additive in shampoos, bath soaps.
  • The property of resistance to water hardness and other metallic ions is very good, and it is stable over a wide pH range.
  • Sopaltex AS is an alpha olefin sulfonate derived from linear olefins and used in foaming applications.
  • A multi step process involves in commercial Production of alpha olefin sulfonates from alpha olefins by reacting the olefin with dilute SO3 digesting the crude sulfonic acid mixture, neutralizing with NaOH and hydrolyzing the remaining sultones to product.
  • AOS can be used directly as a cleaner lubricant or as an enhancement for other lubricants.
  • A mixture containing a hydroxyalkane monosulfonate, an alkene monosulfonate and a small amount of an alkene disulfonate.
  • Liquid detergent compositions based on water-soluble alpha-olefin sulfonate detergent preferably with a higher alcohol Ethoxylate sulfate detergent include an anti-gelling agent such as sodium chloride.
  • A type of surfactants having outstanding detergency, lower adsorption on porous rocks, high compatibility with hard water.
  • Alpha-olefin sulfonates display a better hard water tolerance, they are used as additives in low phosphate formulas : C12-14 in liquids, C14-18 in powders.

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