Ammonium Nitro Phosphate (ANP)

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  • Ammonium nitrophosphate has another name Ammonium phosphate-nitrate
  • A Slurry of concentrated ammonium nitrte solution (97%) and ammonium phosphate is used to produce ammonium phosphate nitrate in a rotary drum granulator in the Pechiney-saint-gobain process.
  • Ammonium phosphate-nitrate (27-12-0 + 4.5S) is made by reacting ammonia with a mixture of phosphoric and nitric acids.
  • The ANP plant operates on the basic Odda process with the process know-how supplied by BASF, Germany and basic engineering done by Uhde, Germany.
  • The 94% AN melt and calcium carbonate which are both byproducts of the ANP plant are used as raw material for the production of CAN fertilizer.
  • In two long-term field experiments using wheat-maize and potato-sunflower-pearl millet fodder cropping systems on Typic Haplustept loamy sand, three different water-soluble P fertilizers diammonium phosphate , water-soluble phosphorus content of 89.1%, ammonium nitrophosphate were compared.
  • Studies were undertaken on the isolation and identification of reaction products of ammonium nitrate phosphate (ANP) fertilizers containing 30, 50 and 70 per cent water-soluble phosphorus (WSP) of total phosphorus in representative soils of the vertisol, oxisol, alfisol, entisol, mollisol and aridisol groups of India.
  • ANP fertilizers were applied in solid form to soil, and reaction products formed at and around the site of ANP fertilizer placement were identified after six weeks incubation in moist soils by Xray diffraction technique.
  • A Country has a total installed capacity of 230,000 MTPA for ammonium nitro phosphate fertilisers. These fertilisers are categorized under various grades and marketed under Mahadhan & Bhoodhan brands through a network of over 1,000 dealers across the country.

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