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  • The introduction of the synthetic plastic poly(methyl methacrylate) as a material for artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis) is usually credited to William Stone, Jr. who allegedly performed the first experiments in 1947 and reported the results in 1953
    Keratoprosthesis is a surgical procedure where a severely damaged or diseased cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea while conventional cornea transplant uses donor tissue for transplant, an artificial cornea is used in the keratoprosthesis procedure.
    The surgery is performed to restore vision in patients suffering from severely damaged cornea due to congenital birth defects, infections, injuries and burns.
    There are currently two different types of artificial corneas that have been approved by the U.S. food and drug administration to restore vision the dohlman artificial cornea combines a donocorneawith man-made materials to increase compatibility.
    The alphacor device is covered by the patientís own tissue for a period of time to promote healing and integration of the device to the ocular tissues both of these options are still being perfected, but have demonstrated clinical success and continue to be promising alternatives to corneal transplants using donor tissue alone.
    A patient's eyeball, and, at an upper portion thereof, an optical portion adapted to be exposed through an anterior portion of the patient's eyeball
    The optical portion having a diameter less than that of the cylindrical portion to define a step at a lower end thereof, a skirt fitted around the optical portion of the cornea body and seated on the step
    An anterior flange coupled to an upper surface of the skirt, and a support member attached to a lower end of the cylindrical portion and adapted to support the artificial cornea body.
    An amnion is covered on the implant in order to promote a stable graft of the artificial cornea to the patient's cornea during an initial reaction period for the recovery of a cut portion of the patient's cornea.
    The piece is placed on the eye where cells and blood vessels grow in the holes and ensure the artificial cornea remains anchored
    Plastic replacements have been available for decades, but their implantation is still plagued by side effects such as infection and glaucoma.
    They remain a last resort option for patients where all other options have failed, including donor transplants," says joachim storsberg at the fraunhofer institute for applied polymer research in potsdam, germany.
    Storsberg is developing plastic implants but was not involved with the current work.
    Several other research groups are working on artificial corneas made from materials that encourage cell growth and are less likely to be rejected.
    But this is the first time the long-term effectiveness of such an implant has been tested in humans with their help think we are continuing our journey towards an age when medicine can regenerate or replace absolutely any part of your body.

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