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  • According to the baby food stage 1, cereals are typically the first complementary food introduced to infants.
  • It is made up of gently ingredients and has a smooth, fine texture that is appropriate for your baby.
  • The best first baby food to introduce to your child is usually an iron-fortified single grained cereal.
  • This will provide the necessary iron that your baby needs in his diet.
  • Rice, oatmeal and barley cereal are grains that are least likely to create an allergic reaction.
  • Starting solids with cereals is for the baby to practice swallowing and eating.
  • Start with very small amounts like one baby-sized bite for the first feeding.
  • You can then gradually increase to two tablespoons per feeding. Infants that are just starting solids may be eating only one to two ounces per day.
  • Process the rice grains to make rice powder. Boil water in a saucepan and add rice powder while stirring constantly.
  • Lower heat and keep stirring constantly.
  • Add breast milk and fruits if desired. The same process goes with making barley Cereal.
  • Donít forget that breast milk is still the most important nutritional source a baby has up to twelve months. Do not exchange breast-feeding or bottle-feeding with a solid food meal. Also, do not put cereals into a baby bottle and feed it to your baby.

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