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  • A bactericide or bacteriocide, abbreviated Bcidal, is a substance that kills bacteria and, ideally, nothing else.
  • Bactericidal antibiotics kill bacteria; bacteriostatic antibiotics slow their growth or reproduction.
  • As antiseptics (i.e., germicide agents that can be used on human or animal body, skin, mucoses, wounds and the like), few of the above mentioned disinfectants can be used, under proper conditions (mainly concentration, pH, temperature and toxicity toward humans and animals).
  • According to the dentist, the British Army used bactericide chlorohexidine to sterilize surgical equipment during World War II.
  • This sterilizing substance was proved to work as a mouthwash by a Danish scientist but still, it is in need of improvement. Although this news sounded exciting, it was terrible because after moments of applying this drug, it stains the teeth black.
  • Bactericide uses chlorine dioxide to remove odor and bacteria.
  • Spray applications of bactericides effectively inhibit mine acid formation for three or four months and have to be repeated several times a year to get effective control on active refuse and coal piles.
  • Biocides are used in the leather industry at various stages in the production process.
  • For example bactericides are used during the soaking stage, whereas fungicides are used during chrome tanning and fat liquoring.

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