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  • Hatchery is responsible for procures hatching of fertile eggs obtained from broiler breeders.

  • The hatchery consists of equipments such as setter, Hatcher, incubator, hatchery carts, egg graders, hatching trays, incubation trays, tray washers, vaccination equipment incinerators, pressure pumps.

  • Hatchery buildings are usually designed to provide room for holding hatching eggs prior to setting, grading and traying of the eggs, incubating and hatching machines.

  • An incubator is a machine into which fertile eggs are usually set for hatching. Two types are the cabinet and flat or still air type.

  • Incubators are the most important equipment in the hatchery process. Incubator setting capacity ranges from approximately 14,000 to 100,000 eggs.

  • To achieve the highest hatch ability, it is essential to select the best incubators.

  • Studies reveal that energy consumption accounts for up to 50% of the running cost of a hatchery.

  • The capacity of the hatchery may further be enhanced by installing additional setter and Hatcher incubator in the same premises.

  • Automation equipment will help to achieve a highly efficient workflow.

  • The five major functions involved in the incubation and hatching of chicken eggs are temperature, humidity, ventilation, egg turning and sanitation.

  • The eggs which unsuitable for hatching are dirty, cracked, small , very large , poor shells and blood stained must be discarded.

  • Production segment includes first the fertile eggs are incubated in the setter for 18 days. After 18 days in the setter, eggs are transferred from trays to hatching baskets and are moved to the Hatcher.

  • The chick hatch after 3 days in the Hatcher, resulting in a total incubation period of 21 days. Then chicks used their beak to break out of the shell, a process called pipping. Chicks when exit from the shell, the warm temperature in the Hatcher drying the chick and maintaining their body temperature.

  • The total capital investment required for hatchery installation which costs up to Rs.20,76,800.

  • An essential part of maximizing hatchery performance is a good hatchery maintenance program which includes equipment and structure of hatchery.

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