Cadmium salts

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  • The Chemical Division consists of a range of companies involved in the chemistry and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals (zinc, lead, nickel and cadmium salts).

  • Cadmium salts, is a combination with nickel, are most widely used in the field of rechargeable batteries.

  • It is also involved in the recycling sector, processing metal-based waste such as galvanizing residues and Ni/cd and Li-ion batteries.

  • They are used in industrial applications where absolute reliability is needed electronic telecommunications planes , equipment , trains, etc.

  • The power tools such as cordless drills/drivers.

  • The company has undertaken to develop the production of powders and oxides in line with the latest research on the manufacture of high performance batteries.

  • Cadmium metal can be burnt to produce cadmium oxide, cdo.

  • The cdo is unstable in standard atmospheric conditions and as a result will slowly convert to carbonate.

  • The thin film photovoltaic industry uses cadmium salts from our company as well as tellurium from

  • The most recent application developments for cadmium salts have occurred in the photovoltaic industry using the “thin-film "technology based on cdte and cigs

  • An enamel pigment known as fine red or cadmium red is pre pared from a mixture of 8o-9o% of cadmium Sulphide and Io 20% of selenium.

  • The well mixed components are heated at 700° C.

  • The product corresponds in composition to in a wet process a mixture of soluble sulphide and selenides is added to a solution of cadmium salt and the precipitate is ignored.

  • The copper salts stimulates formation of two metallothionein-like polypeptides with a cysteine content of 30 mol% and the repeatedsequence cys-xaa-cys.

  • The cells synthesize y-glutamyl peptides upon exposure to cadmium salts.

  • Penta- and tetra peptides that form a cadmium-thiolate cluster in a peptide oligomer containing labile sulfur are synthesized.

  • Normal cadmium carbonate is unknown, a white precipitate of variable composition

  • It being obtained on the addition of solutions of the alkaline carbonates to soluble cadmium salts

  • Cadmium salts, which are the starting point for pigment production, are made from a solution of cdo in mineral acids.

  • The cadmium Sulphide, cds, is highly insoluble in water possible to precipitate it from acidic solution                                                                                                       Entrepreneur who want the information such as " General , Suppliers , Product , Process , Company, Consultancy, Uses , Reports, MSDS , Study, Toxity , Patent , Data sheets ,Market , Cadmium salts". about  can email us to,

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