Calcium Formate

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  • Other names of calcium formate are formic acid calcium salt, calcium diformate, calcoform,
    calcium diformate.
  • Calcium formate molecular formula is (HCOO)2CA.
  • It is in the form of white solid and it is soluble in water.
  • Raw material of calcium formate are calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, formic acid.
  • The formic acid is also called methanoic acid.
  • It appearance is white or light yellow free flowing powder and the molecular weight is 130.12 and PH value of 10 solutions 6.0-8.0.
  • It contains at least 98% of assay and it also formed in the production of pentaerythritol.
  • The melting point range is greater than 300 Celsius and stable under ordinary conditions.
  • It obtained an almost substantially quantitative yield and it is present in highly pure form.
  • It is another type of nonchloride accelerator and it  used to accelerate the setting time of concrete.
  • It acts as both  setting time and hardening time by accelerating the formation of tricalcic silicate and aluminium.
  • The Calcium formate state is hygroscopic powder.
  • Calcium formate density is maximum 1.150 kg/dm3 and the humidity range is maximum 2%.
  • It has 12 month validity beginning with delivery and its not irritant by contact with skin.
  • It is produced in aqueous phase by reaction of calcium hydroxide and calcium peroxide with formaldehyde.
  • Chemical composition of calcium format is C2H2O4Ca with 98%.

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