Calcium lactobionate

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  • Calcium lactobionate is an important drug intermediate used for the preparation of calcium tablets and injectables.
  • It is used in proprietary oral liquid calcium preparation
  • The raw materials required in the process  are lactose monohydrate, sodium bromide
    calcium carbonate,ethyl alcohol
  • This is an important drug intermediate used in the preparation of calcium tablets and injectables.
  • In this process lactose monohydrate is oxidized using rotating graphite anodes
  • Each 5ml spoonful of calcium sandoz syrup contains 1.09g calcium glubionate and 0.73g calcium lactobionate.
  • The other ingredients are orange natural flavor, tamaris flavor, benzoic acid, formic acid, sugar and water.
  • This is then reacted with lime and the lime complex is filtered,washed and neutralized with carbon dioxide.
  • The neutralized solution is filtered to remove insoluble and the filtrate is treated with alcohol to remove calcium lactobionate
  • It is used or intended for use as a firming agent in dry pudding mixes at  a level not greater than that required to accomplish the intended effect
  • Calcium glubionate /Calcium lactobionate is the generic name for this medicine.
  •  It is available as the following brands.
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  • Calcium glubionate calcium lactobionate is a food additive used as a stabilizer.
  • Potassium lactibionate is added to organ preservation solutions such as via span or castors to provide osmotic support and prevent cell swelling.
  • Mineral salts of lactobionic acid are also used for mineral supplementation
  • Calcium is an essential mineral needed for many purposes in the body, including the formation of strong bones.
  • Calcium requirements are raised in the years following the menopause, and when dietary intake of calcium is low.
  • Calcium supplements have been shown to help prevent bone loss

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