Chemical-Free Water Treatment System

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  • Systems are evolved using combinations of electrical, magnetic and mechanical which means to replace water treatment chemicals.
  • High-energy UV at wavelengths between 240 and 290 nm has been successfully used for disinfection of water for decades.
  • Advanced technology provides a cost effective and resourceful method that cleans and purifies the water.
  • Pulse-Pure Water Treatment System is the best choice for non-chemical/chemical-free water treatment for cooling tower or evaporative cooler.
  • Chemical free air injection water treatment system eliminates iron taste in water, corroding pipe and which is a system that rectifies water problems like taste, odor, color and low pH. In this Unit, chemical is not required to regenerate it.
  • A superior water conditioner has been introduced since 1964 to control corrosion without chemicals which installed in homes, cooling towers and many other commercial and industrial applications.
  • Pulsed-power technology also known as pulsed electric field or electro pulse treatment controls biological growth, corrosion and scale in process cooling systems using a tried and true technology.
  • Above technology produces a pulsed, time-varying, induced electric fields inside a PVC pipe that is fit into the water system. When electric signal changes, the way minerals in the water totally avoiding hard lime by instead producing a non-adherent mineral powder in the bulk water. Then bacteria are encapsulated into this mineral powder and cannot reproduce thereby reduction in bacteria populations.
  • Reduction of chemical treatment of cooling tower water in the plant to reduce chemical emissions to the environment and also improves work safety.
  • Option for Chemical free water treatment provides benefits are lower energy use due to better treatment efficiency and reduce maintenance.

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