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  • Chloramines is a combined form of  chlorine and ammonia.
  • Chloramines are disinfectants treat drinking  water &  water supplies .
  • Water utilities often refer to two ways they are chloramines and the  monochloramine.
  • Chloramines have some disadvantages over free chlorine and including the chloramines are wearker oxidants than chlorine.
  • Chloramines is not easy to remove it is difficult and it cannot be removed by boiling and distilling, or by standing uncovered.
  • It known to form many non halogenated DBPs add it has two species related they are iodoacids and another one is nitrosamines.
  • It  can become quite complex, but the main thing you need to know is that Chloramine and it is removed from water with need same strategies that are used to remove chlorine.
  • In that case you are choosing carbon for Chloramine removal it specially prepared carbon is called   “catalytic” carbon is far superior to regular carbon.
  • It is the chloramines evaporating comes from the pool in large quantities that gives off the chlorine smell and it not that of the free chlorine.
  • Monochloramine readily reacts with the amino acids in the DNA of the bacteria and it inhibits cell metabolism.
  • Chlorine is added with Ammonia to form chloramines with the process of chlorination and to provide  “quenching” .
  • It will not oxidize iron or manganese.
  • Chloramines in air can cause significant damage to anything when condensed on metallic surfaces.
  • Super chlorination was raising the free chlorine level in the pool to a sufficient level to oxidize
    out all the chloramines.
  • Removing gaseous chloramines  is recommended during shock treatment to get Good ventilation.
  • chloramines and ammonia is used in a small amount means that is supposed to be safe for human consumption.
  • Chloramine kills bacteria in tap water and it will dramatically injure cultures which we use to ferment like yeasts, lacto-bacilli and kombucha cultures.
  • To prevent standard carbon bond  from  Removing the chlorine for chlorine- ammonia .

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