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  • Chlorfenvinphos is a clear or amber yellow liquid with a mild odor. Chlorfenvinphos is used as an insecticide to kill worms, insects and parasites living in soil.
  • It was commonly used until 1991 when all products containing chlorfenvinphos as an active ingredient were canceled in the United States.
  • The vapour pressure and Henry’s Law Constant indicate that chlorfenvinphos has a low volatility and is unlikely to volatilise from water or moist soil surfaces.


  • It is very toxic for fishes: acute toxicity concentrations range, depending on the species, between 25 µg/l and 1 mg/l. Zooplankton are even more vulnerable, some species don't survive short exposure to concentrations above 0.4 µg/l.
  • The major effect of chlorfenvinphos is on the nervous system. Ingesting large doses may cause nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, and fainting.
  • A current permit exists for chlorfenvinphos for use in NSW and Qld for control of cattle tick in horse, deer, goats, sheep, cattle and buffalo, when moving across boarders.


  • Registered uses for chlorfenvinphos include both agricultural applications and
    animal treatments.
  • Chlorfenvinphos alone is used for control of buffalo fly either as a backrubber treatment or as an overspray application.
  • Chlorfenvinphos, in combination with cypermethrin, gives excellent control of all known resistant tick strains except Parkhurst and Ultimo.
  • Chlorfenvinphos is also registered for control of flies around farm buildings, redlegged earth mite and lucerne flea in lucerne pasture.


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