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  • Chlorophenols are organic chemicals in which one or more atoms of chlorine are replaced to one or more hydrogen atoms of phenol or 1- hydroxybenzene.
  • Raw materials of Chlorophenols is chlorine.
  • It melting points range is 33 to 191 degree Celsius and all the Chlorophenols are solids except 2-CP in melting point of 9 degree Celsius.
  • The range of practical quantization limits range from 0.002 to 0.008 micro gram/L and that concentrations of available data 2,4,6-TCP.
  • There are no data available to serves as a basis for establishing MAC for the other Chlorophenols.
  • Chlorophenols are prepared by thermally dehydro-chlorinating the corresponding chlorocyclohexanone in the presence of catalyst.
  • Chemical properties is off white to light tan crystals or powder and it usage is intermediate of liquid crystals.
  • Chlorophenols with few chlorine atoms is mainly used to starving materials of the higher chlorinated phenol and is also used in pesticides.
  • Structurally its fit the requirements for the receptor producing respiratory uncoupling.
  • It can be determined by gas chromatography with an electron capture detector and the detection limits are1-10 micro g/liter.
  • It is present in drinking water as a result of the chlorination of phenols during disinfection, as degradation products of phenoxy herbicides. the drinking water contained 2,4-DCP at 3B6 ng/liter and2,4,6-TCP at 1 ng/L.
  • It has three characteristics hydroxyl substituent, halogen substituents and  a benzene ring. the Hydroxyl substituent is an acid dissociable group and halogen substituents is strong electron withdrawing moiety and a benzene ring  is a bulky hydrophobic group.

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