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  • The coal hydrogenation process for making fuels has been investigated that its application on industrial process almost since 40 years ago.
  • Coal hydrogenation have been suggested that they are easily decomposed in the feedstock which consist sufficient sulfur, are not the true catalysts.
  • The product of coal hydrogenation consists appreciable quantities of aliphatic, single ring & polycyclic , heterocyclic compounds, and the hydro aromatics.
  • The several hydrogenated with or without adding water under non catalytic conditions in coal hydrogenation, addition of water increased the CO2 formation and the phenolic compounds in the obtained the oils.
  • The reaction involves injection of pulverized coal entrained in a minimum amount of gas and mixing the entrained coal at ambient temperature with a separate source of heated hydrogen results in formation of hydrocarbon gases and liquids suitable for conversion to fuels.
  • In proposed modified Bergius processes involves the three phase coal hydrogenation achieved two steps and the first step is liquid three-phase coal liquefaction and the second step is the gas phase hydro cracking.
  • The Bergius Process is a method of production of liquid hydrocarbons for use as synthetic fuel by hydrogenation of high-volatile bituminous coal at high temperature and pressure.
  • The process of direct coal hydrogenation is highly suited to covering the demand and maintaining some independence from external supply.
  • The last plant for coal hydrogenation operated on a pilot plant scale and its production of around 200 Kg per day & the operation started since 70s.
  • It had found that promoting effect of water on coal hydrogenation is significant at lower temperature.

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