Coconut Oil-RBD Process

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  • In order to refine coconut oil, RBD (Refined Bleached and Deodorized) Process renders a neutral flavor and smell due to a steam deodorization.
  • During the RBD process, heating is applied   especially during deodorization process, which is carried out at high temperature between 204 and 245C.
  • Bleaching is used to filter the impurities in oil and also improves the color of crude oil by heating to remove excess moisture.  
  • Using high-pressure steam, the smell is removed from the oil and which turns brown when bleached through carbon filters.
  • Deodorization means eliminates the odour and flavors as well as peroxides  thereby improving the shelf-life of the oil.
  • Product is bleached through addition of  activated charcoal and which is deodorized with steam and vacuum methods.
  • In the production of coconut-based specialty fats such as margarine, shortening, creaming fats, ice cream fats, milk and coffee creamer RBD coconut oil is widely used.
  • A commercially acceptable  process  removes the natural volatilizes and anti-oxidants that give pure coconut oil its unique flavour and aroma.
  • The total process which includes from farm to refined oil can take many months to get a desired product.
  • The technology for this type of  production of coconut oil through expellers is well developed and many medium scale industries in India produce oil by RBD method.

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