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  • Feni, is well known high quality Goan liquor prepared with cashew apple juice or coconut.
  • Coconut Feni – it is prepared with the help of toddy plant’s juice. Around 65% of coconut feni is made in South Goa and the  remaining 35% in North Goa.
  • A few popular varieties of fenny drink include “Cashyo”, “Big Boss”, and “Reals”. Unique and distinct smell and wonderful aroma are the basic features of good quality feni.


  • Juice is extracted from coconut toddy and it is fermented till formation of a film floating over the juice.
  • Time required for fermentation is 65-70 hours.
  • Around 70 ltrs. of arrack is distilled from 100 ltrs. of fermented juice.
  • Arrack and fermented juice are distilled in the ratio of 1:2 to obtain Feni.
  • To obtain one ltr. of Feni around 30 kgs. of  coconut toddy is needed.


  • High-grade fenny is 42% alcohol by volume. There are known to exist around 4,000 such traditional mini-distilleries or stills in Goa that manufacture cashew fenny and about 2,200 manufacturing coconut fenny. About 65% Of the stills making coconut fenny are in South Goa.
  • The bulk of the fenny produced is sold unlabeled to retailers and home consumers. Some of it is also purchased by bottlers, who have developed their own brands.
  • At present, feni has a limited market, but has got an encouraging response among consumers.
  • Press reports seem to indicate that there is an emerging international market for feni even though this is small currently (see Anon (2007), Roy (2003), Prabhudessai (2002), Kamat (2002)) necessitating branding of the product.

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