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  • Deltamethrin is a synthetic insecticide which partially mimics natural chemicals produced by certain chrysanthemum flowers and which have an insecticidal or insect repellent effect.
  • Sorne common trade names for deltamethrin are Butox, Butoflin, Cislin, Crackdown, Decis and K-Othrine.
  • Deltamethrin is formulated as solutions, emuIsifiabIe concentrates, flowable powders, wettable powders, ultra-low volume concentrates, dusts,  aerosols, granules and concentrated suspension.


  • Deltamethrin is used as a post-harvest insecticide on stored cereals to control insect storage pests.
  • There are many uses for deltamethrin, ranging from agricultural uses to home pest control. Deltamethrin has been instrumental in preventing the spread of diseases carried by tick-infested prairie dogs, rodents and other burrowing animals.
  • It is used mostly for crop protection (85 % of total production), of which 45 % is used on cotton, 25% on fruit and vegetable crops, 20% on cereals, maize and soya beans and the remaining 10% on miscellaneous crops , such as coffee, maize and hops .


  • Due to increasing population and decreasing land availability, the global agrochemical market is expected to grow from $134 billion in 2010 to $223 billion in 2015, registering a high CAGR of 10.6% from 2010 to 2015.
  • Deltamethrin is mainly released to the environment through its application to crops and animals as an agricultural pesticide and as a treatment for sea lice.
  • Global economic recovery from mid 2009 has increased investments in agriculture businesses.
  • Major players in the both markets fertilizers and pesticides are increasing their production and operational capacities to meet the increasing demand for agrochemicals

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