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  • Dendrimers are repetitively branched molecules and other names of dendrimers are arborols and cascade molecules.
  • Dendrimers unique structure provides special opportunities for host guest chemistry.
  • It is constructed by the successive addition of layers to the branching groups.
  • Synthesis of trifunctional poly based dendrimers containing 16 protected acid groups and it may be formed by self-assembly and ways in which preformed dendrimers may interact with one another.
  • It has two categories of dendrimers one is Covalent Peptide Dendrimers and another one is Noncovalent Peptide Dendrimers.
  • Dendrimers are produced in an iterative sequence of reaction steps and in which each additional iteration leads to a higher generation material.
  • It has two approaches for the construction of high generation they are divergent approach and the convergent approach.
  • It fall under the broad heading of nanotechnology and it  which covers the manipulation of matter in  size of the  range is 1-100 nanometers to create compounds, structures and devices with novel, pre-determined properties.
  • One of the earliest proposals was that dendrimers with extremely densely packed end-groups might permanently encapsulate guests.
  • It has man made, nanoscale compounds with unique properties that make them useful to the health and pharmaceutical industry as both enhancements to existing products and as entirely new products.

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