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Information @ a Glance

  • Diclofop-methyl is relatively soluble in water (50 mg/L at 22C) and common organic solvents.
  • Trade names for products containing diclofop-methyl include Hoelon, Illoxan, Hoe-Grass,and One Shot
  • Diclofop-methyl is the common name for the methyl ester of phenoxyl proprionic acid.
  • Diclofop-methyl and its acid metabolite degraded with an estimated half life of 21 to 51.3 days in four aerobically incubated soils.
  • Diclofop-methyl is a restricted use herbicide used on wheat, barley, and golf courses (turf).
  • Diclofop-methyl is a selective post-emergence herbicide for control of wild oats and annual grassy weeds found among brassicas, carrots, celery, field beans, french beans, broad beans, barley, wheat, parsnips, peas, potatoes, soy beans, oilseed rape, onions, sugar beet, and lettuce
  • Most diclofop-methyl usage is post-emergence (>90%), which suggests the potential importance of livestock exposure via foraging of treated wheat.
  • Diclofop-methyl is estimated to be currently used on less than 1% of the total U.S. barley crop. Diclofop-methyl usage on wheat varies somewhat according to variety, with an estimated use of 1.2% used on winter wheat (winter wheat accounts for approximately 50% of total wheat produced), 0.4% use on spring wheat, and an estimated 12% use on durum wheat (durum wheat accounts for <4% of total wheat production).
  • At present, about 25% of the agrochemicals used in the world are chiral compounds, which are usually applied as racemic mixtures.
  • Diclofop-methyl is not persistent in soil under aerobic conditions and has very low persistence in anaerobic soil or water.
  • Diclofop-methyl products will be reregistered once the required productspecific data, revised Confidential Statements of Formula, and revised labeling are received and accepted by EPA.

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