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  • Dubnium is a chemical element with the symbol Db , Electronic configuration [Rn] 5f14 6d3 7s2, Atomic number 105, Atomic mass 261.9 g.mol -1.

  • Dubnium is harmful due to its radioactivity.

  • Dubnium is a highly radioactive metal.

  • Dubnium is a radioactive synthetic metal and has only been produced in tiny amounts.
  • Dubnium is of research interest only.

  • The atomic weight of nine known isotopes range from 255 to 263, the longest-lived isotope, Dubnium 268 has a half-life of 32 hours.

  • Dubnium is not found free in the environment, it is a synthetic element.

  • Dubnium is a member of the 7th period and belongs to the group 5 element.

  • At present, Dubnium is only used in research.

  • The chemistry of Dubnium has been studied for several years using gas thermo chromatography.

  • Dubnium , also called eka-tantalum is a highly radioactive synthetic element whose most stable isotope has a half-life of 32 hours, 268Db.

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