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  • Einsteinium (Es) is a radioactive and soft, silvery, paramagnetic metal having atomic number 99.

  • Einsteinium is named after physicist Einstein.

  • Einsteinium had been produced by simultaneous neutron trapping by Uranium with consequent --decay.

  • The purification and recovery of einsteinium then involves: (1) separation from lanthanide Fission products; and (2) separation from curium, berkelium, and the adjacent actinides.

  • By solvent extraction process, Separation of einsteinium from its berkelium product can be accomplished.

  • Einsteinium is attacked by oxygen, steam and acids but not by alkalis.

  • A highly reactive metal & therefore strong reducing agents are needed to obtain the pure metal from its compounds.

  • Einsteinium-254 was used as the calibration marker in the chemical analysis spectrometer.

  • Einsteinium has a potential use in radiation therapy.

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