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  • The Combination Of Ethaboxam And Transgenic Plants Provides Enhanced Plant Protection In Controlling Plant Disease
  • Use Patterns and Formulation:- The end use product contains ethaboxam, to be used as a fungicide in or on grapes. Presently, ethaboxam is not registered in the U.S., yet, ethaboxam is registered for use in South Korea. The active ingredient (ai), ethaboxam will be formulated as a 10% suspension concentrate to control various diseases caused by oomycetes on grape.
  • The Chemical Name Of Ethaboxam is N-(cyano-2-thienylmethyl)-4-ethyl-2-(ethlyamino)-5­
  • The type Of Pesticide Used in Ethaboxam is Fungicide
  • According to the non-US label, three to five applications may be applied to grapes (inclusive of all grapevine cultivars and grapevine nursery plants) using a ground equipment  sprayer. Alternatively, the end-use product application may be supplemented by tank mixing with copper oxychloride
  • The Colour Occurs to be Very Pale Yellow And Physical State is an Solid Powder
  • Ethaboxam is Stable at 54°C for 14 days
  • Type of Formulation: Aqueous solution ,Usual Carriers: Water
  • Exposure Assessments Are :- Acute: The acute dietary exposure assessment for the only population subgroup of concern, females 13-49 years old, Chronic: The chronic dietary exposure assessment for the most highly exposed population subgroup, children 1-2 years old, Cancer: Ethaboxam is classified as having “Suggestive Evidence of Carcinogenicity.”

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