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  • Ethylcellulose (EC) is a hydrophobic ethyl ether of cellulose.
  • Ethylcellulose is a white or light grey powder with odorless and tasteless.
  • Ethyl cellulose (EC) is a non-toxic, stable, compressible, inert, hydrophobic polymer that has been widely used to prepare pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Ethylcellulose is directly extracted from plant fibre (cellulose, cotton) and is then chemically modified.
  • Ethylcellulose is predominantly used in food supplements and flavourings in capsules.
  • It functions as a binding and filling agent or serves as protective coating.
  • Ethylcellulose, a hydrophobic plastic polymer, is one of the most commonly used release retardant materials.
  • Ethyl cellulose is a kind of cellulose ether, and it shows good thermo stability and electric properties.
  • Ethyl cellulose is prepared from wood pulp or cotton by treatment with alkali and ethylation of the alkali treated cellulose with ethyl chloride.
  • Ethyl cellulose is a derivative of cellulose in which some of the hydroxyl groups on the repeating glucose units are converted into ethyl ether groups.
  • Ethyl cellulose is considered having unique properties in the formulation of food supplements in dry applications, which are defined as food categories in the European Union, i.e. as a coating agent for solid dietary food supplements and as a micro-encapsulating agent for fixing colours and flavouring agents.
  • Ethylcellulose is widely used to control the dissolution rate of drugs from sustained-release preparations.
  • It has also been used as a matrix in the preparation of both water soluble and sparingly water-soluble drugs using solid dispersion technique.
  • Recently, fine particle ethylcellulose (FPEC) has become available to the pharmaceutical industry.

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