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  • Tetraethyl orthosilicate(Ethyl Silicate) is the chemical compound with the formula Si(OC2H5)4. Often abbreviated TEOS, this molecule consists of four ethyl groups attached to SiO44- ion, which is called orthosilicate.

  • Synonyms of TEOS are ethyl silicate, silicic acid, tetraethyl ester, silicon ethoxide.

  • TEOS can be considered to be the ethyl ester of orthosilicic acid, Si(OH)4. It is a prototypical alkoxide.

  • TEOS is a tetrahedral molecule. Many analogues exist, and most are prepared by alcoholysis of silicon tetrachloride.

  • Ethyl Silicate has the remarkable property of easily converting into silicon dioxide. This reaction occurs upon the addition of water.

  • TEOS is mainly used as a crosslinking agent in silicone polymers and as a precursor to silicon dioxide in the semiconductor industry.

  • The ethyl silicate polymer is produced by a two step addition of catalysts wherein a hydrolysis catalyst, for example, hydrochloric acid is added intially and a second catalyst, such as phosphonitrilic chloride trimer is added subsequently.

  • A TEOS-based, sol-gel glass composition with additives selected for various applications. The composition is made by mixing ethanol, water and TEOS adjusting the pH into the acid range and aging the mixture at room temperature. The additive such as optical indicator are then added to the mixture to form the composition which can be applied to a substrate before curing.

  • The Si-containing alkoxide(TEOS) undergoes hydrolysis and polymerization reactions to form silica gel, which reduces the volume of pore spaces.

  • Ethyl silicate is considered as a substance which is used in the modification of anticorrosive coating, cross-linking agent, adhesive, dehydrant, catalyst framework, or used in the making of high pure super-fine silicon dioxide.

  • These are frequently used to elaborate coatings based on metallic zinc for the anticorrosive protection of substrates of iron and steel.

  • Ethyl Silicates are probably the widest used stone consolidant. After hydrolysis and condensation, ethyl silicates originate colloidal silica that is deposited inside the porous structure.

  • The viscosity of ethyl silicate is lower than that of water allowing for good depth of penetration in the stone. So Ethyl silicate is used to consolidate stone that has lost intergranular cohesion.

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