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  • Ethylidene Norbornene (ENB) is generally manufactured from a reaction of two other chemicals (cyclopentadiene and 1,3 Butadiene) in a chemical plant.
  • ENB is a compound used in the production of ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM) elastomers that are used in the production of synthetic rubber (EPDM Rubber).
  • EPDM rubber is used in wide variety of applications, ranging from motor vehicles to food containers
  • At ambient temperature and pressure, ENB is a colorless liquid with an extremely strong odor.
  • It is typically only handled in industrial facilities where safe conditions regarding ignition sources and ventilation are adequately controlled.
  • The flash point for ENB is approximately 30-40C.
  • ENB is an industrial chemical used to make other industrial chemicals.
  • ENB is low in toxicity; however it may cause lung damage if swallowed
  • ENB is a flammable liquid; use in closed systems avoiding all ignition sources.
  • Capacity According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 10 to 50 million pounds of ENB were manufactured in the US in 2005 (the most recent reporting year available).
  • Ethylidene Norbornene Is Insoluble In water
  • The Nippon Oil Group holds the top share of the global market for ethylidene norbornene (ENB), about two-thirds of which is handled by NCTI
  • ENB is used as a cross-linking agent for ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, a
    synthetic rubber with superior heat and weather resistance used in automotive rubber applications
  • Ethylidene Norbornene Has a Fast cure, good tensile strength
  • ENB is most widely used termonomer employed even though it is most expensive, the reasons being that it is the most readily incorporation during copolymerization and the double bond introduced has the greatest activity for sulfur vulcanization.
  • Norbornene is utilized to make pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide compounds, specialty fragrances and in general organic synthesis.

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