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  • Fishmeal is a nutrient-rich and high protein supplement feed ingredient used primarily in diets for domestic animals and sometimes used as a high-quality organic fertilizer.
  • Virtually all fishmeal is used as a high protein (60 to 72%) ingredient in feed for farmed land animals and farmed fish. Fish oil is used mainly in the feed of farmed fish and in very small quantities in land animal feed.
  • Fishmeal is not fed straight (undiluted).
  • The typical inclusion rate for fishmeal in farm animal diets is 1-5% of dry matter, mainly in specialist diets e.g. for weaner pigs.
  • A typical farmed salmon diet contains 20-30% fishmeal and 15-20% fish oil Aquaculture expanded worldwide by more than 9% per annum for the 10 years to 2002 and since then at a slightly slower rate.
  • While the use of fishmeal and fish oil will consequently increase improved efficiency and some substitution means this is likely to be at a slower rate.
  • Fish meal can be classified as two basic types; 1) fishery waste associated with the processing of fish for human consumption and 2) fish that are only used for the production of fish meal. The composition of fish meal can vary considerable depending upon the composition (whole fish, fish scraps, etc.) of the substrate that is used to prepare the fish meal.
  • Milk protein content was increased when fish meal replaced soybean meal in the diets of lactating dairy cattle .
  • Feeding of fish meal was found to increase protein utilization in lactating dairy cattle .
  • Fish meal was found to give similar performance when replacing milk protein in milk replacers fed to dairy calves.
  • Incorporating fish meal into feeding programs was more effective in increasing gains in young than older ruminants

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