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  • Flotation is a process technique upgrading ores by using flotation reagents in the flotation vessel. This process involves modifying and taking advantage of the differences in surface chemistry of
    the materials to be separated.

  • Three principal types of flotation reagents are collectors, regulating agents, and frothing agents.

  • Collectors are organic substances that impart hydrophobicity to mineral particles to be floated, which makes possible the attachment of the particles to gas bubbles.

  • Regulating agents are used to increase the selectivity of collector adherence to the surface of specific minerals, increase the strength of the adherence, reduce the amount of collector used.

  • Frothing agents increase the stability of the mineralized froth and facilitate the dispersion of air in the pulp and the formation of the minutest possible bubbles.

  • In separation of valuable minerals from gangue minerals, reagents are added to the flotation process on the basis of the difference in their surface properties.

  • Action of flotation reagents depends on several factors, including the natural composition of the mineral surface, the alkalinity, acidity of the medium and pulp temperature.

  • During froth flotation operation with the reagent combination is sufficient to assist the collection of copper, iron and molybdenum compounds.

  • Flotation reagents need to be carefully selected taking into factors such as coal particle size and flotation equipment etc. Ekofol which is a combination collector-frothing reagent achieved an 8%
    higher recovery rate in laboratory.

  • A new reagent for the application in the preparation of mineral raw materials, mainly Sulphide and oxyde mono and polymetallic ores of non-ferrous metals which are used as a corrosion inhibitor of the equipment and grinding bodies and as a selective collector of the wanted metal.

  • The flotation reagent MIBC (T-80) is used in the flotation circuit as a foaming agent and to reduce
    surface tension.

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