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  • Fluoroboric acid (fluoboric acid) is the chemical compound with the formula HBF4. It is the conjugate acid of tetrafluoroborate.
  • It is available commercially as a solution in water and other solvents such as diethyl ether.
  • HBF4 is also used in aluminum etching and acid pickling.
  • Fluoboric Acid is a colorless Liquid Which does not exist as a free, pure substance
  • Fluoroboric acid is commonly used as a preparation to prevent electroplated copper from oxidizing or tarnishing before the solder plate is applied.
  • Fluoroboric acid is the principal precursor to fluoroborate salts, which are typically prepared by acid-base reactions.Applications in Organic chemistry, Galvanic cells, Metal plating
  • Fluoboric acid was prepared by adding analar grade boric acid in small increments with constant stirring to a chemically pure hydrofluoric acid (40 wt %) in the stochiometric ratio
  • Product Market Analysis :- Fluoboric acid is widely used, mainly used as raw materials of borofluoride, of organic reaction and deep acidification in oil field. The capacity in domestic market is approximately 120,000 tons.
  • Usages:- It can be used as oxide of metal surface, the cleaning and corrodent of silicate membrane and the cleaning of aluminum and alloy before plating. 2.5% solution is used in electropolishing pure aluminum. It is used as re-lotion in getting rid of welding agent and plating parts from metal matrix.
  • Its used as , antiseptic and chemical reagent of alkylation and polymerization, as well the raw materials producing borofluoride. It is also used as deep acidification in oil field.
  • Advantages of our Technology :-
    1. raw materials cost is low, making use of waste materials or byproduct
    2. the highest content of product is 50%, the quality reaches analysis pure AR grade
    3. no pollution, no three wastes

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