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  • German standard DIN 7726 defines ‘foams’ as a mass made up of open or closed cells whose raw density is lower than the raw density of its matrix (DIN, 1982). The matrix of the foam may consist of organic polymers (plastic foams) or inorganic materials (foamed concrete, foam glass).
  • Foam concrete is a very fluid, lightweight cellular concrete fill material, produced by blending a cement paste (the slurry or mortar) with a separately manufactured, pre-formed foam
  • Foam concrete made of consists Cement, Sand, Fly ash, water, Protein based Foam Agent and some Fillers. In multi story fyed construction, Partition walls, cast-in-situ, pre-cast, floor screeds and other non load Bearing building elements are to be made in foam concrete, there by substantially reducing. The dead load of the structure.
  • Raw material required are Foam agent, metal mould lubricant, cement, sand with clay, water
  • Foam Concrete Plant mainly consists of a mixer of suitable capacity , foam generator cum pump .The foam mixer consists of screw type vanes, would be powered with a Geared Motor
  • Foam concrete can be used for a wide range of applications as infill and insulation as well as lightweight foundations. Foam concrete applications include Secure old mine-workings, shafts, tunnels and other underground voids, Fill redundant sewers, pipelines fuel-tanks, culverts and many others

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