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  • ‘Furanics’ are a new class of biofuels, named after the furan rings in the fuel's molecules. The molecule contains six carbon atams and one oxygen atom and has a high energy content similar to that of gasoline, and a significant improvement over ethanol.
  • Furan derivatives obtained from renewable biomass resources have the potential to serve as substitutes for the petroleum-based building blocks used
    in the production of plastics and fine chemicals.
  • The conversion of renewable biomass resources into non-petroleum derived fuels and chemicals is becoming increasingly attractive as a way to avoid intensification of global warming and diversify energy sources.
  • The major components of plant-derived biomass are carbohydrates, which may be converted into a number of valuable platform compounds, such as 2-furfuraldehyde (FUR) and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)
  • High Enthalpy Biofuel technology has been developed to meet the demand for advanced renewable fuels.
  • High Enthalpy Biofuel technology is about turning fatty raw materials into performance fuels through a process involving nitrilation in a continuous or semi-continuous process.
  • An HPLC method was developed for the simultaneous separation and identification of furanic
    compounds as the possible degradation products of sugars and ascorbic acid on heating.
  • Furanics have been referred to as “Sleeping Giants” because of their enormous market potential, as evidenced by the research of DuPont and DSM in this area and its position in the US Department of Energy top 10 of high-potential biobased products.
  • The field of furan polymers in which major advances have been achieved during the beginning of the new millennium are, on the
    one hand, novel (intelligent) materials based on the DA reaction or on conjugated structures, and, on the other, a vibrant renewal
    of interest in polyesters and in the exploitation of furfuryl alcohol in new original directions.
  • As for novel monomers, or better synthetic methodologies for existing ones, the need will become more apparent when the studies on furanic polymers and their applications will demand fresh sources and/or improvements in their synthetic pathways.

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