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  • Glycidyl esters were found in significant quantities in some commercial vegetable oils.
  • Diglyceride content seems to correlate somewhat with glycidyl ester content. High diglyceride content in oils predisposes them to formation of glycidyl esters
  • In the human body the glycidyl esters are metabolized into free glycidol, a compound that is classified as possibly carcinogenic (group 2 carcinogens) by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer).
  • 3-MCPD esters as well as glycidyl esters may develop during the refining of edible fats and oils and therefore occur in foods, which are produced by using these fats and oils.Baby food, hazelnut spreads or biscuit fillings are good examples
  • Low-Viscosity , Low Molecular Weight Glycidyl Esters Resins In Particular Irritate The skin And Mucous membranes And Have A Sensitizing Effect
  • Glycidyl esters can also be prepared directly from FFA in EPCH rich medium, and then subsequently dehydrohalogenating with alkali, but the yield and purity were lower than the soap process.
  • Glycidyl Esters Are Prepared By re-acting the Sodium Salt Of the Appropriate Carboxylic acid with epichlorohydrin
  • Epoxidized glycidyl esters of soybean oil (EGS) have been synthesized and used as reactive diluents for partial replacement of a commercial, bisphenol A-based epoxy resin (DGEBA).

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