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  • By chemical or electro-chemical plating, a thin layer of gold deposit onto the surface of another metal, mostly copper or silver (to make silver-gilt).

  • Gold plating of silver is used in the manufacture of jewelry.

  • In electronics, to provide a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer on copper in electrical connectors and in printed circuit boards gold plating is employed.

  • In the process of hard gold plating, Gold is anodically dissolved in a potassium cyanide solution to produce a concentrate of gold potassium cyanide which is used for preparing the plating solution concentrate by adding other chemicals. The concentrate, on dilution, can be used for high speed 50 micro meters per hour,
    hardness 150 kg per sq. mm gold plating on various components used in electronics and other industries.

  • Soft gold plating is especially for semi-conductor devices. Soft gold baths are based on KAu(CN)2, KH2PO4, potassium citrate and trace amounts of additives.

  • The process of plating has proven to be versatile, for example the gold plating of stainless steel or copper electrodes associated with the fuel cell industry.

  • In certain cases, 24 Karat gold plating is applied to some grades of stainless steel.

  • The gold plating density may vary between 11.3mg/in 2/5m to 12.45mg/in 2/5m, which is the upper range and used for a highly fine grained gold plating grain.

  • Gold is generally specified as a contact coating for low level signal voltage and current applications.

  • High connector reliability can be achieved by gold coating on the electrical contacts. Gold, when applied to contact interface, has the ability of providing a stable and low contact resistance over the operating life of most applications.

  • When a gold is plated on titanium metal by the chemical displacement method, plating bath comprising a soluble gold salt, a salt for attacking the metal oxide dioxide and a stabilizing agent.

  • Plating is carried out to provide long lasting decorative finishes and in some cases to improve electric contact.

  • More economic where wear resistance is required as in watch, pen and plumbing fixtures in such cases thin deposit of pure gold deposits over bright nickel.

  • A readymade gold plating salt is available in market in which the required proportion of the chemicals are mixed which can also be utilized for the purpose.

  • Plating of gold is often found in microelectronic devices for air-bridges, heat-sinks and gold bumps for flip-chip techniques.

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