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  • Guanidine is a crystalline compound of strong alkalinity formed by the oxidation of guanine.
  • It is used in the manufacture of plastics and explosives.
  • Notable guanidinium salts include guanidinium chloride (GndCl), which has chaotropic properties and is used to denature proteins.
  • Guanidinium salts are well known for their denaturing action on proteins; guanidinium chloride is one of the most effective denaturants.
  • In the industrial production of guanidine, guanidine is usually prepared from dicyandiamide and ammonium nitrate or other ammonium salts.
  • In order to raise the efficiency of production, the production process must be conducted under high temperature conditions or under high temperature and high pressure conditions.
  • Guanidine salts represent important products in organic synthesis processes as well as in biotechnological processes.
  • The pharmaceutical compositions which have been used as antihypertensive agents have included such as the thiazides, reserpine, hydralazine, alpha-methyl dopa, guanethidine and the like.
  • Guanidine in the urea synthesis effluent or in the aqueous urea solution is formed as a by-product chiefly in the urea synthesis zone or in the unreacted material seperation zone wherein unreacted ammonia and ammonium carbamate are separated.
  • Guanidine is characterized by a Y-shaped CN3 moiety, with an unusually high basicity attributed to the delocalization of the positive charge over the entire CN3 framework, which resonance-stabilizes the cation.

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