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  • Hydroxyquinoline is an organic compound, it derivative of the hetrocycle quinoline and this  formula is C9H7NO.
  • Synonyms of Hydroxyquinolines are 8-oxybenzopyridine, hydroxybenzopyridine, phenopyridine, quinolinol, Oxine.
  • Hydroxyquinolines is one of the metal coordination complexes and it has good thermal stability, broad excited bands, and high fluorescence efficiency.
  • The raw materials of Hydroxyquinolines are 2-aminophenol and quinoline-8-sulfonic acid.
  • Oxin molybdate soliution made by dissolving 0.8g 8-Hydroxyquinoline and 4.2 g ammonium molybdate separately in 5n hcl and mixing and making to100 ml.
  • It is insoluble in water, and soluble in acetone, chloroform and alcohol, and benzene and the Boiling point being 267C.
  • Specification of Hydroxyquinoline has melting point that range is 0.02% maximum.
  • It preparing from aminoquinolines via an aqueous acid hydrolysis of the aminoquinolines is given to the Hydroxyquinoline.
  • Oxine soluble up to 25% in CCl4.
  • The halogenated Hydroxyquinoline are the amebacidal drugs ands its dose oriented.
  • Sorbents of the  Hydroxyquinoline is having the cation exchange capacity and that range if 0.92meq/g and glycerol surface area of 808 m2/g.
  • Hydroxyquinoline is also called as tris and the tris aluminium is mostly uses for light emitting and the electron transport materials in organic devices data.
  • 3-hydroxyquinoline is pure enough for most purposes and one or two more recrystallizations are required to produce while crystals.

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