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  • Jaggery or Gur is a pure, wholesome , traditional unrefined whole sugar.

  • Jaggery Products are made from both sugarcane and the palm tree.

  • Benefits are rich in mineral salts, easy to digest, treats throat and lung infections.

  • Jaggery is manufactured from sugarcane juice and is very widely used in many eateries, restaurants , savory dishes and it has industrial applications as well.

  • A typical Indian product with several uses in daily food preparations and it is also used to make many sweet food preparations.

  • Production process is simple first the juice is extracted from fresh sugarcane is filtered and boiled in wide, shallow iron pans with continuous stirring & simultaneously soda or bhindi juice is added in quantity. While boiling, brownish foams come at the top which are continuously removed to get golden yellow colour of Jaggery.

  • Machineries required for production of Jaggery includes cane crushers, storage tanks , large iron pans and iron scrappers.

  • Known as the medicinal sugar and palm Jaggery is more medicinal than Jaggery made out of sugar cane.

  • In market, Jaggery is available in three forms namely solid, liquid and granular.

  • Due to its wide applications and ease of production, market for Jaggery is continuously growing.

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