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  • Lambda-cyhalothrin belongs to a group of chemicals called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are manmade chemicals that are similar to the natural insecticides pyrethrins.
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin products come in various forms including powders, pellets, liquids, small capsules, and ear tags containing the chemical.
  • Lambda cyhalothrin may be marketed as Charge, Excaliber, Grenade, Hallmark, Icon, Karate, Matador, OMS 0321, PP321, Saber, Samurai , and Sentinel.
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin is quite stable in water at pH < 8, whereas it hydrolyzes to form HCN and aldehyde under alkaline conditions.


  • The major agricultural uses for lambda - cyhalothrin are alfalfa, corn, cotton, onions, rice, soybeans, sweet corn and wheat.
  • Lambda cyhalothrin is used in agriculture and horticulture as an insecticide/ acaricide against Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Coleoptera and mites.


  • According to the statistics from 31provinces in China, Shao Zhenrun, director of National Agricultural Technical Extension and Service Center, said that the total demand of China's pesticide is predicted to be 308,200 tonnes, up 2.69% compared with last year.
  • In 2011, the demand of insecticide will decrease slightly to 124,900 tonnes, down1.43% compared with last year according to different types of pesticides.
  • Lambda cyhalothrin is a restricted use, broad - spectrum, insectice registered in the U.S. for use for the control of most major aphid, caterpillar, and beetle pests on a wide variety of crops and for public health pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches in non - agricultural settings.
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin offers soybean growers an additional weapon against the bean leaf beetle and other soybean insect pests.
  • Cyhalothrin and lambda-cyhalothrin are very toxic for fish, aquatic invertebrates, and honey-bees but, because very low exposure levels normally occur, this would only cause a problem in the case of spillage.

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