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  • Lithium titanate (full name lithium metatitanate) is a compound containing lithium and titanium.
  • It is an off-white powder at room temperature and has the chemical formula Li2TiO3.
  • It is the anode component of the fast recharging Lithium-titanate battery.
  • It is also used as an additive in porcelain enamels and ceramic insulating bodies based on titanates. It is preferred as a flux due to its stability.
  • Crystallization :-
    The crystallization of Li2TiO3 is a monoclinic system. A monoclinic system of crystallization is defined as three unequal axes with one oblique intersection.
  • Uses in Sintering :-
    The sintering process is taking a metal powder, putting it into a mold and heating it to below its melting point. Sintering is based on atomic diffusion, the atoms in the powder particle diffuse into surrounding particles eventually forming a solid or porous material. It has been discovered that Li2TiO3 powders have a high purity and good sintering ability.
  • Uses as a Cathode :-
    Molten carbonate fuel cells
    Lithium titanate is used as a cathode in layer one of a double layer cathode for molten carbonate fuel cells. These fuel cells have two material layers, layer 1 and layer 2, which allow for the production of high power molten carbonate fuel cells that work more efficiently.
  • Lithium ion batteries
    Li2TiO3 is used in the cathode of some lithium-ion batteries, along with an aqueous binder and a conducting agent. Li2TiO3 is used because it is capable of stabilizing the high capacity cathode conducting agents
  • Synthesis of Lithium Titanate Breeder Powder :-
    Li2TiO3 powder is most commonly prepared by the mixing of Lithium carbonate, Ti-nitrate solution, and citric acid followed by calcination, compaction, and sintering. The nanocrystalline material created is used as a breeder powder due to its high purity and activity
  • Lithium-Titanate Battery
    The lithium-titanate battery is a rechargeable battery that is much faster to charge than other lithium-ion batteries.
  • It uses lithium-titanate nanocrystals on the anode surface rather than carbon.
  • This is advantageous because it increases the surface area of the anode from 3 square meters to about 100 square meters, which allows the electrons to enter and exit the anode quickly.
  • It gets recharged quickly and provide high currents when necessary.
  • The lithium-titanate battery is currently being used in battery electric vehicles and computer batteries.

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