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General Information

  • Metalaxyl is a colorless, odorless crystal and it is very soluble in water.
  • Metalaxyl is moderately stable under normal environmental conditions. I
  • Metalaxyl is a phenylamide fungicide with systemic function.
  • Its chemical name is methyl N-(methoxyacetyl)-N-(2,6-xylyl)-DL-alaninate.
  • Metalaxyl is sold in a combination with mancozeb, chlorothalonil, pentachloronitrobenzene, captan, and triadimefon.


  • Metalaxyl is a systemic, benzenoid fungicide used in mixtures as a foliar spray for tropical and subtropical crops, as a soil treatment for control of soil-borne pathogens, and as a seed treatment to control downy mildews.
  • Metalaxyl may be used on many different food crops, including tobacco, ornamentals, conifer, and turf applications.
  • It can be used to control Pythium in a number of vegetable crops, and Phytophthora in peas.
  • Metalaxyl is registered for use on over 100 agricultural crops (including more than 30 seed treatment uses).
    Metalaxyl is also registered for ornamental and turf uses.
  • More than 90% of the total poundage of metalaxyl used domestically is used in the following ten crops/sites: tobacco, turf, potatoes, ornamentals, soybean (seed treatment), onions, citrus, cucurbits, tomatoes, and cotton.


  • Metalaxyl biodegradation was analyzed during 63 days by means of radiometric techniques to verify biomineralization and degradation product formation from the applied C-metalaxyl.
  • A simple bioassay was developed for quantifying the fungicide metalaxyl in small samples of potato leaf tissue.
  • It is important to find a novel technique that is effective in the remediation of metalaxyl in environment.
  • Four microorganisms, Pseudomonas sp., Aspergillus niger, Cladosporium herbarum and Penicilluim sp., were isolated from cucumber leaves previously treated with metalaxyl using enrichment technique. These isolates were evaluated for detoxification of metalaxyl at the recommended dose level in aquatic system.


  • This is the first report of metalaxyl resistance following its use as a pea seed dressing for downy mildew control in Australia.
  • The proposed MRLs for metalaxyl in Canada are the same as corresponding tolerances established in the United States for root and tuber vegetables and leaves of root and tuber vegetables.
  • Metalaxyl is an agricultural fungicide. It is registered for use in New Zealand, and is available in a variety of formulations, many of which include other active ingredients such as mancozeb, thiabendazole, cymoxanil and fludioxonil.

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