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Information @ a Glance

  • Methomyl is a broad spectrum carbamate insecticide; a fast acting anti-cholinesterase agent; and, a direct contact and stomach action poison.
  • The pure compound is a colourless crystalline solid with melting point of 78-79C and a density of 1.2946.
  • Methomyl is a water-soluble crystalline solid that gives off a sulfurous odor.
  • Methomyl dust is combustible and can form explosive mixtures when dispersed in air.
  • Methomyl is effective against pests such as beetles, aphids, thrips, leaf hoppers and caterpillars and particularly loopers, beet armyworm and corn earworm.
  • Methomyl is marketed on a world-wide basis and products based on it are used in nearly 100 countries.
  • Pesticides have played an important role in increasing food production, and yields in agriculture by controlling pests and diseases.
  • Methomyl is the active ingredient of the commercial pesticide formulations Lannate; it is used against many insects including spider mites on fruits and vegetables, and flies in animal/ poultry houses and dairies.
  • Methomyl is widely used all over the world because of its powerful control of many different pests.
  • Pesticides are worldwide used to prevent the croppers, forestry and horticulture from the damages of insects, diseases, fungi and other pests, to adjust the growth of the plants, or to increase the yields of the croppers

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