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  • Methylamine is the organic compound with a formula of CH₃NH₂. This colourless gas is a derivative of ammonia, but with one H  atom replaced by a methyl group.
  • Methylamine is the simplest primary amine.
  • Methylamine is sold as a solution in methanol, ethanol, THF, and water, or as the anhydrous gas in pressurized metal
  • Industrially methylamine is sold in its anhydrous form in pressurized railcars and tank trailers. It has a strong odor
    similar to fish.
  • Methylamine is used as a building block for the synthesis of many other commercially available compounds. Over 1 million tonnes are produced annually.
  • Methylamine occurs naturally in a variety of foods and beverages.
  • Methylamine is prepared commercially by the reaction of ammonia with methanol in the presence of a silicoaluminate catalyst. Dimethylamine and trimethylamine are coproduced; the reaction kinetics and reactant ratios determine the ratio of the three products.
  • In particular, mono methylamine consumed for pesticides (2.5 percent annually), and alkylalkanolamines (2.7 percent annually); and dimethylamine used for water treatment polymers (5.9 percent annually); dimethyl amino propylamine (13.5 percent annually); and dimethylaminoethanol (7.5 percent annually). Totaled, these segments represented 49 percent of demand last year.
  • Market demand in 2002 was split between the different products as: monomethylamine, 88 million pounds (21 percent); dimethylamine, 257 million pounds (63 percent); trimethylamine, 67 million pounds (16 percent).
  • More than 90 percent of methylamines imported into the US originate in Canada.
  • Taminco is one of the world's significant producers of mono-, di- and trimethylamines Taminco also specializes in methylamine derivatives.
  • There are three species of methylamines being produced namely MMA, DMA and TMA.
  • Methylamine has many applications in various industries. It is an important intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of products includingpharmaceuticals (e.g.,ephedrine), pesticides (e.g., 1-naphthyl-N-methyl carbamate, Vapam), explosives, surfactants, and accelerators.
  • Methylamine  is commonly used in the tanning and dyeing industries and as a fuel additive.
  • Methylamine is also used as a polymerization inhibitor, a component of paint removers, a solvent, in the manufacture of photographic developers , and as a rocket propellant.
  • Methylamine has also been reported to be a precursor chemical used in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Methylamine has also been detected in milk (7.9 mmol/100 g), cheese pizza (2.9 mmol/100 g), green beans (4.9 mmol/100 g), commercial samples of wine (0.19 mg/mL in red wine, 0.14 mg/mL in white wine), uncured and cured pork (1,490 mg/kg and 730 mg/kg, respectively), and at high levels in squid, octopus, and other seafoods (up to a mean of 255 ppm).
  • Methylamine has been detected in ambient air and rainwater. A Japanese study detected methylamine in air samples from a poultry farm (0.52 ppb) and a fermentation system for poultry wastes (0.97 ppb) and in emission gas from an incinerator of poultry wastes (12.4 ppb).

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