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  • Miscanthus Giganteous is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 0.82 m (rarely 4 m) tall, forming dense clumps from an under-ground rhizome.
  • Miscanthus Giganteus is a large type of perennial grass hybrid from the family of Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus.
    Miscanthus Giganteus is a C4 family basically came from Japan.
  • Now In European union , it is used as a commercial energy crop as well as source of heat and electricity.
  • Mainly it is used to convert into biofuel products like ethanol.
  • Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy it can be produced from agricultural Feedstocks such as sugar cane, potato, manioc and corn, and the most common crop is Miscanthus Giganteous.
  • Its growing duration will be 1st year it develop is most activity is below ground and the plants get established and build up reserves then the growth reaches is 1 to 1.5 meters or 1 meter tall and it look like dear grass in winter
    the second year grows to >2.5 meters and its production can start in second winter the third year grows to >3,5 meters.
  • It greater property is photosynthetic efficiency and lower water use requirements than other kinds of plants.C4 plants has a mechanism to efficiently deliver CO2 to the RuBisCO enzyme.
  • They utilize their specific leaf anatomy where chloroplasts exist not only in the mesophyll cells in the outer part of their leaves but in the bundle sheath cells.
  • Its nutritional requirements are very low, so it has high nitrogen efficiency & it can grow well on barren land .
  • A source of biomass for the production of energy either for direct combustion for biofuel production.
  • Miscanthus Giganteus is a source for cellulosic ethanol production.
  • Miscanthus also used to convert solid fuel pellets and also Pots are manufactured from 70% Miscanthus blended with natural resins to produce a 100% biodegradable product.
  • Miscanthus grass as an input for plastics and other traditional products constructed from petroleum fuels.
  • Giant Miscanthus is capable of producing up to 7.6 tons of biomass and 756 gallons of ethanol fuel.
  • The established end uses are  burning for heat and power, paper making, wood pallets, and ethanol.
  • One plant can be turned into hundreds of thousands of plants in a twelve month period.
  • Miscanthus has also having excellent fiber properties for papermaking.

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