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  • Naphthalene balls are extensively are used as household preservative of woolen clothes and as a deodorant tablet for the toilets, urinals, bathrooms etc.

  • These are manufactured from naphthalene flakes by a tablet making machine having its ball shape die.

  • Naphthalene balls, also known as moth balls or camphor balls, are spherical pieces of a white solid material containing at least 98 percent  are used in naphthalene.

  • Naphthalene is carcinogenic and poses several other health hazards, so it is no longer used for household purposes in several countries.

  • It is still widely available in several asian countries, where naphthalene balls are used to preserve woolen fabrics.

  • Be aware that you can also breathe in naphthalene vapours from clothes that have been stored in moth balls.

  • Moth crystals (balls) are made para dichlorobenzene (PDB), which is considered more toxic than naphthalene.

  • It also sublimates easily and clothes should again be kept in a sealed container along with the PDB again, all goods should be fully aired or washed before wearing or using.

  • Naphthalene balls should be stored in closed containers, well out of the reach of toddlers and children.

  • They need to be kept away from open flames, moisture and oxidizing agents in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

  • Do not inhale the fumes from the balls.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after   handling them.

  • It is the dose that makes a thing not a poison.

  • Most of the body sprays, phenolic soaps and lotions and even naphthalene balls are known to be carcinogenic they can widely used to repel moths and cockroaches and as deodorants for urinals and bathrooms.
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