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  • Naphthenes are also known as Cycloalkanes. The common misspellings are napthene, napthenes.
  • Naphthenes  are obtained from petroleum. It comes under cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • Naphthenes  general formula is CnH2n.
  • 30-60% naphthenes are found in crude oil.
  • 44%  Naphthenes are comprising through petroleum distillate, and the other hydrocarbons in petroleum's are  39.8% paraffin's and 16.2% aromatics.
  • Petroleum or crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons , which is the major raw material for Naphthenes.
  • Naphtha is an oil distillate . It is an intermediate product between gasoline and kerosene.
  • A calibration mix was analyzed and breakthrough is apparent.
  • Two types of naphthenes Single-ring naphthenes (monocycloparaffins) with five and six carbon
    atoms predominate.
  • Second one is two-ring naphthenes (dicycloparaffins) found in the heavier ends of naphtha.
  • Naphthenes Temperature  are normally kept between 2508C and 3708C, and it is measured by Hydrotreater .
  • Hydrogen is one of the vital factor in hydrotreatment of naphthenes.
  • Catalytic reforming will continue to be a key source of refinery hydrogen.
  • Hydrotreatment with minimal hydrogen utilization will be a desirable goal.
  • Research is significant and  clearly have an impact on deep HDS of naphtha.
  • The catalyst regeneration process is started by burning of coke in the presence of oxygen.


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