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  • A Soft Silvery metal was discovered in 1885 by Austrian Chemist having symbol Nd and atomic number 60.

  • Classified as a rare earth metal and one of the third most abundant element in earth crust which is mostly mined in China.

  • Having properties such as electro positive element and reacts slowly with cold water and rapidly with hot water.

  • It is typically 10% to 18% of the rare earth content of commercial deposits of the light rare earth element minerals bastnasite and monazite and is usually extracted from those ores by ion exchange and solvent extraction process.

  • Also it can be made by reduction of anhydrous halides with calcium metal.

  • Neodymium quickly tarnishes in air, forming an oxide that spalls off exposing fresh metal to further oxidation and also has a high electrical resistively.

  • Used as an additive to glasses which are used in solid state lasers and light amplifiers.

  • Neodymium metal is paramagnetic and when alloyed with iron and boron can form one of the world's most powerful magnetic compounds.

  • A brittle magnet which can form cracks and vulnerable to corrosion so manufacturers apply a surface treatment such as nickel , zinc or tin plating as a protective measure.

  • Model-data comparison is one of the most efficientapproach that allow better constraining Nd behavior in the marine environment.

  • Products which have small volume need to have a strong magnetic field requires neodymium to be installed inside such as, loudspeakers, headphones, guitar pick-ups, microphones & mostly computer hard disks.

  • Used in hybrid car electric motors and generators, cell phones, iPods and wind turbines.

  • While in neodymium refining process, large quantities of solid and liquid wastes are generated and therefore it is important to develop an effective recycling for neodymium.

  • In order to recover Neodymium from NdFeB magnet scrap,magnesium metal is used as the extraction agent by maintaining a temperature within the reaction vessel.

  • Demand for Neodymium magnets increasing and newly rapid growing market results in 50% increments in per year through 2015.

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