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  • Nickel formate is a chemical compound of nickel. Water-soluble green crystals; used in hydrogenation catalysts.

  • Nickel formate is important as a source of finely divided, catalytically active, metal, and is usually prepared either by metathetical reactions between the appropriate nickel salts and metal formates or by crystallizing the aqueous solution obtained by the reaction of formic acid with nickel carbonate, oxide, or hydroxide.

  • The preparation method described here consists of reacting an aqueous solution of nickel acetate with formic acid and has some advantages over the above mentioned methods. It yields a more pure product than the metathetical reactions method.

  • The work up is easier than in the crystallization because the acetate is much more soluble in water than the formate so that the volume of solution to be handled is reduced considerably.

  • Nickel formate dihydrate is demonstrated to be an effective catalyst precursor for selectively synthesizing double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs) with high thermal stability by using a hydrogen arc discharge technique.

  • Nickel powder is obtained by means of reduction from nickel formate in benzyl alcohol.

  • Phase-pure nickel powder was obtained at as low as 350C. HCOOH was a reducing source for nickel formation. Moreover, metallic nickel was obtained at a residence time as short as 0.1 s at 600C. A broad range of particle morphologies, which included agglomerated nanoparticles, nonagglomerated submicrometer particles, hollow particles, and spherical dense particles, were obtained from Ni(HCOO)2 pyrolysis and were shown to depend on the precursor solution and the operating condition.

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