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  • Nickel Chloride is an excellent water soluble crystalline Nickel source for uses compatible with chlorides.
  • The pure nickel chloride hexahydrate contains a theoretical nickel concentration of 24.704 % (w/w).
  • Nickel chloride is obtained from nickel matte used in the
    production of metallic nickel. Nickel chloride is also obtained from nickel metal produced from these ores.
  • Nickel chloride may explode on impact when mixed with potassium and also reacts readily with strong acids.
  • Nickel chloride is a soluble nickel salt used in nickel plating, in the dye and printing industry, and as an adsorbent of ammonia in gas masks.
  • The nickel chloride solution is used for the electrowinning of pure nickel metal.
  • The main use of nickel chloride is in the production of catalysts. Roughly 1200 t nickel chloride (as Ni) were
    used in catalyst production in 2001.
  • Nickel chloride is used as a component of the electrolyte solutions used in nickel plating. Roughly 440 t nickel
    chloride (as Ni) were used in plating in 2001.
  • Nickel chloride is used for “dyestuffs, pigments”.
  • Low nickel chloride concentrations are used when throwing power is not a major consideration or when low deposit stress is required. This is especially true in electroforming from sulphamate solutions (see below) where high chloride would yield a highly-stressed deposit (Inco, 2002). High concentrations of nickel chloride are used when greater throwing power is needed and increased stress can be tolerated, such as in barrel plating (Eramet, 2001).
  • Nickel chloride is used in ‘electro-less’ nickel plating, but only in very specific “high pH” solutions.
  • Nickel chloride is used as a raw material for the production of dyes used for textiles and of pigments used in wallpapers.
  • For electronic applications, nickel chloride is used as a raw material for the production of sub-micronic nickel powders which are used for the production of multi-layered ceramic condensators.
  • The sodium / nickel chloride cell system, owing to its excellent properties such as high theoretical energy, safety, and good cycling characteristics, is one of the best candidates for EV applications among several battery systems under development. Currently, the test cars equipped with Na/NiCl, batteries are being manufactured and very successfully tested in Europe.

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