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  • Niger seed which is known by its Botanical name Guizotia abyssinica and has yellow, daisy-like flowers, thistle has pink to purple ball-shaped flower heads that consist of many spine-tipped bracts.
  • Niger seed attracts goldfinches and tits quickly.
  • Properties includes which has tonic-releasing properties and is terrifically  oil-rich.
  • Feeding Niger seed all-year-round is a proven way to help increase the numbers of goldfinches.
  • Niger (Nyjer) seed also known as Thistle seed.In Ethiopia 50-60% of the edible oil requirement for domestic consumption is obtained from Niger seed.
  • It is also used in the making of soap and as carrier of scent in perfume industry.
  • Farmers grow Niger seed, sometimes called thistle seed or Nyjer seed, for use as an oil source and
    human consumption.
  • A tiny, black birdseed cultivated in Asia and Africa that is high in calories and oil content, loved by finches and other wild birds.
  • Cultivation is  primarily for valuable oil which is used in foods, paints, soaps, and as a illuminant.
  • Niger seed has been marketed for bird food for about 40 years and is the only major ingredient of
    wild bird food imported into the US.
  • In Ethiopia, it is cultivated on water logged soils where most crops fail to grow but Niger contributes a great deal to soil conservation.
  • India is the most important country accounting for 50% of Niger area and its production.

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