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  • NITROCHLOROBENZENE (also called NITROBENZOL ) is a colorless to pale yellow, oily, highly toxic liquid with the odour of bitter almonds.
  •  Nitrobenzene is manufactured commercially by nitration of benzene  using  nitric and sulfuric acids mixture.
  • Both batch and continuous processes employing mixed nitric and sulfuric acids are used to make nitrochlorobenzene.
  • The continuous process is favored over the batch process because its production capacity is much larger.
  • Its Mainly used for Acid Dyes, Food  Colours –Synthetic, Paper Application, Detergent Application
  • P-Nitrochlorobenzene can affect  you when breath in and by passing through skin.
  • The recommended Airborne exposure limit is 0.64 mg/m^3 averaged over an 8 hour work shifts.
  •  Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide,
    Nitrogen oxides, Hydrogen chloride gas
  • Intermediates for Dyes, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals (Paracetamol, Phenacetin Etc.), Pesticides and Rubber Chemicals
  • p-nitrochlorobenzene may be partly adsorbed to sediments and is expected to be minimally biodegradable.

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