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  • Calcium cyanamide or cacn2 is a calcium compound used as fertilizer.
  • It is formed when calcium carbide reacts with nitrogen.
  • It is commercially known as nitro lime CaC2 + N2 ? CaCN2 + C
  • They intend to produce their ammonia from the action of steam on nitro lime (calcium cyanamide)
  • Calcium cyanamide is prepared from calcium carbide.
  • The carbide powder is heated at about 1,000C in an electric furnace into which nitrogen is passed for several hours.
  • The product is cooled to ambient temperatures and any unreacted carbide is leached out cautiously with water.
  • CaC2 + N2 → CaCN2 + C (ΔH= 69.0 kcal/mol at 25C)
  • Common chemicals produced include nitro lime, phosphates, petrol, car oils and greases and artificial fibres.
  • During nitro lime (saltpeter) production, lots of dust containing saltpeter, urea, ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are emitted into the air.
  • Phosphate manufacture involves the use of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and as a result, significant amounts of sulphur are emitted into the air.
  • The process also causes emissions of fluorine and dust
  • To analyze comprehensively ,the suitable materials which could be used as solar disinfection additive were nitro lime, raw chicken manure ,plus nitro lime
  • Which had great promotion on crop growth, and ammonium bicarbonate.
  • The preventive effect of solar disinfection on weeding

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